What You Must Avoid In Marriage

Co dependence in marriage codependency is a condition that affects not only himself, but also to the person who amanos. We can see how the person who has it also gets into problems indirectly, which is evident in the conditions of marriage. A marriage can be successful and durable only when there is understanding between the couple. Dysfunction of the couple can make the other becomes a dependent co and that was enough to make the relationship becomes doubtful. It is the result of an unsatisfactory life and the relationship can not meet the needs and the couple’s wishes. Codependency in marriage, always has a party that is more decisive and tends to cater to others before taking care of oneself. The codependent always puts your needs and desires aside and tries to help the couple in all their needs.

Be considered a thing and codependent marriage is another. Trying to do this does not focus on his life and desires, and not even try to meet their needs. You can be good at first because they won the love and attention of her partner, but as time passes the frustration and anxiety entering game, since it becomes a habit for both, not caring of your needs and feelings. This gives rise to a marriage with a relationship of CoDependency, that is not healthy. Marriage to Codependence almost has an atmosphere where there is some kind of ill-treatment that is happening to one of the parties.

But it is not the fault of the other, it is the fault of which is co-dependent. How much more care may have about each other and continues, the hope of the other grows at an extreme level. That always gives, loses its identity and responsibility also. In this type of marriage is like a threat when the repressed feelings of the dependent co, escaping in the form of resentment. When you have to sacrifice something considered important for you, in order to meet the needs of your partner, he begins to develop a great resentment in the passage of time and the result is codependent marriage. The marriage also experience a lack of communication between the parties. Many times the needs are not met, since no one speaks of that topic. Even when there are difficulties caused by one of the parties of the couple, it is very likely that not even try to discuss, to be a codependent can try to live only with that subject. This becomes detrimental to the happy atmosphere of the family. It is essential to overcome codependency in marriage that exists and develop a better communication between the parties that make up the couple, where each one can feel free to speak on any issue against your partner. If you get identified with this topic and has produced in you desire to know more about what you should not avoid marriage visit now and there you will find more information that will be vital to overcome this condition.