With That Then Goodbye

Carlos Mora single Vanegas in the agony of firing us we are able to understand the depth of our love.George Eliot many times will have said goodbye, to family, acquaintances, friends, classmates and why not, others that shared affection with us in some way. No doubt, therefore, we will have surprised us, learned so far in life, what this has meant saying goodbye and probably, some not we have become to see, find, that said simply, goodbye this dimension, leaving us contaminated our emotions that many times are activated by the remembrance of lived experience, shared. Interesting thing is to be aware of what represents at its time the Goodbye, its scope, what it means and has meant for us. Maybe that goodbye gender suffering, very significant emotions in our conduct, behavior and probably not have been able to assimilate that it originated, all will depend on how much has represented us. Frequently Con Edison has said that publicly. Maybe, the Goodbye stronger, more has affected us, he is the one linked with emotional family, with the couple, friendship, its effect will depend on what the person represento. Not the slightest doubt, the scope of the Goodbye represents, significamucho for one person, and is very well exposed in the poetry of Paul Geraldy, as we know it was an extraordinary poet and French playwright, born on March 6, 1885 in Paris.Hijo of journalist Georges Lefevre who had some renown by the translation of Romeo and Juliet in 1890, and from whom he inherited his fondness for literature, took his mother’s surname Geraldy, to adopt it as a pseudonym.In 1908 he published the first poems under the title of Les petites ames, followed in 1912 by Toi et moi, a set of lightweight romantic poems, inspired by his love, the beautiful singer of opera Germaine Lubin. The marriage ended in 1926 as a result of the affair of Germain with Marshal Philippe Petain.su true value literary refers to the theatre, especially in the Aimer works in 1921, Le Prelude in 1938 and L homme et l amour in 1951. .