Witzenhausen Waldorf

“Jorg Heidenreich distributed security outerwear in the ‘House of the little friends’ because the children of day care House of little friends were amazed” not bad in Witzenhausen, as they surprisingly got visit on Wednesday, Nov. 6, when playing on the outdoor grounds: Jorg Heidenreich, the Managing Director of the car company from Witzenhausen gave the kid a premature Christmas gift “and handed each child a neon-colored safety Cap: already last year our car dealership has provided these security outerwear the day-care centres in Witzenhausen and environment and the arrived Bank through the away positive at the small road users. As there were of course many and disposals in the individual kindergartens in the course of the year, we have increased again the safety vests-stock, so that the little ones right now to the dark season for other road users are clearly visible”, explains Jorg Heidenreich. Two songs as a thank you, not “” once again with positive feedback, but also with two songs of the dealership was rewarded Heidenreich’s Managing Director for his trouble: that was really a great gift the kids and of course the teachers have made me “, so Jorg Heidenreich, who naturally wanted to withhold his enthusiasm the little singing talent and with the comment at such a great program, I need no TV at all!” for many smiling faces. The head of the municipal day-care Witzenhausen, Gbadebo angle, and the House of the little friends “leader Sabine Blum were happy about the visit by Jorg Heidenreich: because for us, safety is paramount and we often outdoors or in which are city with the children, the safety outerwear come as called”, Sabine Blum, who has tested the luminous outerwear right together with the children on Friday at the Lantern Festival in action thanks. Next to the House of the little friends”thank you “” “” also following kindergartens and nurseries at the dealership Heidenreich: Kesperknirpse, forest elves, Kniephornchen, IMP Castle, gel ster Taler sparrows, AWO daycare dwarf story “, DRC family centre, dandelion, Witzenhausen Waldorf kindergarten, daycare small oak, ecumenical children’s home St.

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