Women Play

The number of players at some browser games reached nearly half of all players, according to browser provider 337.com. Since the birth of the hardcore Browsergame, there was mostly only negative moods, which is the negative impact of online games on the company in the foreground. But these have affect in general the rapid development of the browser in any way at all. Martin O’Malley might disagree with that approach. On the contrary, one discovers the diversity of online games and also the main consumer of this industry has been defined differently. Many online game publishers and developers discover the potential of female players and concentrate much more on loose Socialgames and other women-friendly Web games, as well as the Chinese game provider 337.com with his turn-based artillery game DDTank”, which more than 3.5 million players worldwide to have has. Of which are nearly 50% of the players of the beautiful half of humanity and the current count is much higher than in the other browser games on the market. How is the success with women? Full easy! DDTank owns not only the properties of any other conventional action game, but it convinces by a loving setting with unique weapons such as fridge or toilet cleaner, the varied level and motivating clan system. Everything is handled just women.

Especially the amusing feature of marriage is, two players can enter a common Covenant to fight side by side. DDTank also offers a clothing system with numerous equipment in every color and style, which is the favorite pastime of the players for individualists. Even a beauty pageant was held in the Turkish version of DDTank and thousands of players had participated. Obviously the claim not true, that browser could not succeed with female members. The result proves that the browser developers to fill out new games still with woman-friendly ideas!