Ambient Management Population

The world-wide society currently it comes passing for great problems in the urban environment due to lack of infrastructure, much of the times proceeding from the indifference of the effective governmental authorities. The Brazilian population acelaramento is one of the great reasons for which the bad planning of the cities occurs, that causes great socioambientais problems that the population brings to risk its lives.

The man is an active agent in the process of modification of the urban way, some problems related to the environment is associates with the active participation of the man. A good example is the urban areas that suffer the interference from the same, several is the practised ambient alterations as: deforestation, canalization, construction of barrages that change the course of the rivers, constructions, pollution and also production of aggressive toxic gases of the environment. The city of Umbaba located in the state of Sergipe is fit in this context of city of production of the sped up urban space of disordered form.