Risk Manager Compensation Fund

General Purpose Finding the improvement and maintenance of general health and quality of life of workers. Specific Objectives Educate all staff on how to maintain their health Training in risk factors, their effects on health and how to correct them. Tackle, early detection and control general illnesses (EG) and professional (EP). It sits in office workers according to their psycho-physical conditions. Make regular monitoring of workers to identify and monitor those exposed to specific risks. Resources The resources available to any company to carry out this subprogramme are: Agreements with the EPS which is related The company must have a Team First Aid Kit The entity that provides advice for Accidents at Work (ARP) Activities to develop Medical Evaluations will be established occupational medical evaluations of pre-admission, and regular retirement based on the various charges and the respective risk landscape, and for that purpose prior Occupational Medical History shall record designing psycho-physiological profiles.

Health diagnosis to identify demographic variables, occupational and morbidity of the working population, there will be corresponding health diagnosis. Epidemiological Surveillance Systems Based on occupational health diagnosis establishing priorities for the pathologies encountered and are designed occupational epidemiological surveillance systems needed. First Aid Service will implement a basic first aid meets the needs of the company, with coverage of all working days (first, second and third shift) and training of 10 of employees.

Absenteeism will be implemented on the causes of absenteeism with the aim to obtain information on morbidity, mortality and the organizational climate of the company. Training Based on the findings of the above training activities are focusing on: Health Education Awareness of risks, control, prevention Knowledge of technical standards for industrial safety coordination with health agencies, recreation, sports and Culture or institutions carrying out health service delivery institutions: to which workers are affiliated Visits to the jobs must be done regularly visits job to monitor and control processes and the interrelationship of the worker with them. Records and Information Systems In order to have information easily accessible formats should be practical and should provide statistical analysis methodology.Medical Sub-Programs should be evaluated periodically in terms of resources, implementation, methodology, coverage, compliance dates and consequential actions. The outcome, show the degree of effectiveness of prevention and control measures established, becoming the basis for future adjustments and / or modification, applicable to the dynamics which the Occupational Health Program.