Apex Time

The heavy and slow progress of the words is like a clogged torrent, as a flow plugged by emotional residue. Something holds them in its journey towards the development of a made history more than words of arguments, more voices and a polyphony that sings a tragedy.The protagonists of Lobo Antunes are clients of the psychoanalyst. The thread of the past seems to have them caught, while time passes uncontainable without remembering them. Part of a sentence, a thought, to interweave a colossal proportions Babylonian architecture at whose Apex shine Portugal as the homeland, its characters, its history, as an indissoluble network where trapped time and space in a vertiginous two-dimensional game of overlapping planes. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Con Edison. On the other hand, arises Angola and the war.

The violent roar of cannons, soldiers killed or wounded, lying on dirty patches of grass, the native engatuzados by the lusa Word turned into accomplices of a catastrophe. Lobo Antunes novels resemble monstrous Ziggurats towards whose height should Ascend with the scrupulous care not tripping over steep frenzy of the verb and its accidents teeming in droves across the surface of your pages. It is not strange that being psychiatrist, his literary creation is hold with marginal characters, tormented Spectra anchored to old personal Chronicles, with insane creatures, walking on a thin wire at the sight of a bottomless precipice. Their professional experiences he has extracted this delirious chaos, but also his relationship with the political environment, military and geographic imagination has rescued winding alleys of uncertainty where travel without expectations of seeing the light. Eschatological, their fine sense of smell guides you towards the intricate tangle where stranded citizens from fear and fear is expanded, where will erect border milestones between DIN and silence. The characters of Lobo Antunes, despite his fury, his disorderly life expression, are not vulgar or sloppy.