Quality Music

Music now expands at the same time that the world is globalizing. Extends in all directions, in forms, in length. It reaches unimaginable levels, concepts are changed, they mutate, and they grow in meanings. If you would like to know more then you should visit Paul McCartney. Perhaps all this makes the music meets its purposes princiapales. Is which the essential objective of the music? When we become that question for the first time, we’ll realize that we are lost. Why we call classics to previous topics that were not forgotten? Because an era, they classified because they fulfilled their purpose in the story or by the two.

When we we have as many questions as we can now, then reaffirm that we are lost indeed. Because in reality we know that we are not sure to where goes the music, if it is an art, a weapon, a tool, and when you lose your name. It is then time to review concepts and redesign the music of the future. There is a phrase that says: all music is already invented. That is why it will be that now man the ingenia is less to develop something of quality. If we start to think about the amount of notes, stamps, words that generate infinite combinations of possibilities we desmentiriamos.

The real problem is that the world increasingly more globalized subjected people to some parameters more static behavior, an attitude more selfish and self-centered and for this purpose: relies on the power of attraction and conviction who have money and material comforts. Then is when justify our lack of enthusiasm and effort to the environment that affects us: commercial music, stations and the people who buy the CDs. If we want to do a quality music, we have to leave the House, see world, interpret what nature tells us, studying the cultures of different regions and retroalimentarnos of the music of the past. Because no matter how many times we lose but many times we find the direction and if we know where we come from we will know where we are going.