Hearing the name bayramiks do not think that this fairy tale character or a unique drug: this is a new form of decorative plaster simple inhabitant, and a man far removed from the building, it is difficult navigate the modern building materials, especially those used during finishing. Sometimes with a refurbished or decorated rooms, people can not understand what kind of stuff used for decoration. This creates the impression that this is a unique marble or natural stone. Probably the marble slabs can also be used, but in most cases we are talking about new decorative plaster, the appearance of which it is difficult to distinguish from natural finishing materials, while its cost and use of technology available to almost everyone. Scope of such materials applies plaster bayramiks. This finishing material has been successfully used practically everywhere: it can be seen in the concert hall and an underground station, small shop and upscale restaurant, a simple apartment and cottage. Plaster bayramiks unique.

It consists of marble chips and acrylic polymer. The resulting surface is unique and has no analogues. In this bayramiks can be applied to any surface. Fit and concrete wall and sheetrock. In a question-answer forum Martin O’Malley was the first to reply. A list of materials can be extended: the plaster can be applied to wood and particleboard, and any other surface.

It all depends on your imagination and the variety of ideas during the finishing work. Plaster bayrakmiks not only looks good but has several unique qualities. It can be used throughout our country, and in areas with cold climates, and where in winter there are no negative temperatures. Properties of Plaster bayramiks different high strength and freely pass moisture. This coating is environmentally friendly and fire safe. When used in the trade and public catering provides for decontamination of surfaces, which are used for finishing bayramiks. You can be sure that will choose an appropriate color scheme: today bayramiks produced thirty-six color options. Repairs can be done with his own hands if you want to do finishing work on their own, carefully read the instructions on the package. The main requirement in the works lies in the fact that The wall surface should be smooth, clean and smooth. If it is not necessarily spend the preparatory work and allow the wall surface to dry. Work should hold at zero temperature but too hot room also undesirable. The optimum temperature of 5 degrees to twenty-five. And you can trust his professional conduct Proceed in the usual way, using painting skills. However, if the skills not, leave this process to professionals. So it will be safer. Believe me, the damaged material and poor performance can not recover any money. Reasonable to immediately follow the principle that everyone should do his own thing and do the job professionally. Our experts will perform quality finishing with plaster bayromiks. In doing so they demonstrate high professional qualities and work was carried out with a guarantee. Call.