Politics and Army

Francisco Camps is not the perfect candidate to lead the list of the PP in the autonomous elections, while say it Esteban Gonzalez Pons, and with the same emphasis but with less forcefulness, Mariano Rajoy. That it was before the bizarre case Gurtel arise and that demonstrate the friendship of the soul of the President with alvaro Perez, the whiskers, Chief of the corrupt plot in the community. Since then, and despite its undoubted political merits, has earned the enmity of many national leaders of his party, starting by its general secretariat, Maria Dolores de Cospedal. Apparently, this never forgive him to Camps which toreara it the night that demanded and not faithful squire of the President got the immediate resignation of Ricardo Costa, then. But, although it is no longer the perfect candidate, Paco Camps that it seems the inevitable candidate instead. I will explain.

The President of the Generalitat, convinced of his honesty, was determined at all costs to repeat in the charge, in completing the political project, in the words of one of his closest collaborators, although nobody knows for certain explain what this project is. Its decision is endorsed by Rita Barbera, who has been left to the eyelashes in Madrid defending the President. Surveys, in addition, are conclusive: the PP would confirm its absolute parliamentary majority with Camps to the front, thanks to the discredit of Rodriguez Zapatero in our community. What open, therefore an internal front of conflict in the party if victory seems assured? This argument has silenced the growing opposition group to Camps in the Genoa Street. His only fear now is that the Valencian President has to sit on the bench within a year and a half, on the eve of launch Mariano Rajoyal electoral assault of La Moncloa. If such a thing should happen, their effects could be devastating, he said, almost in a whisper, one of the dissatisfied with Camps. In any case, the die is cast and almost nobody doubts as Francisco Camps will repeat as candidate. To put this manifest, the environment of the President has organized to past tomorrow a farewell ceremony of course that is not another thing, actually, than a public tribute to Camps.

Another element of the campsistas trust is the recent backing of the Socialist Jose Blanco to the candidacy of Jorge Alarte. With him as opponent tell me in the immediate vicinity of Camps, our victory is more than assured. It is not only a perfect stranger, but that the few who know him say that his political management has proved disastrous. With that perception, the optimism that is breathed in the Palau de la Generalitat is not fictional. In addition, during these years of power, Camps has built a party tailored, with faithful people who owe their present political and, more importantly, its future. With the exception of the aggrieved alicantinismo Pitu Ripoll now also touched on her waterline, the PPCV runs as a disciplined army to the voice of command of their leader.