Bodega La Rural

Holidays in Mendoza, the area of Maipu Mendoza, a beautiful province of Argentina, has become in recent years a tourist destination par excellence, both for tourists coming from Latin America and for the world. The place has many advantages, such as a wonderful climate, spectacular scenery, and an excellent tourist infrastructure, product development that local governments have tried to impose with success, to turn Mendoza into the natural preference when we looked for a place that it has everything. The possibilities are many. Additional information is available at Author. The visitor can perfectly get lodging in Mendoza City, and thence explore the many corners, backwaters, villas, and small populations scattered throughout the province. The eastern region of Mendoza is one of the most beautiful in the land. The province has plenty of rivers, lakes, tributaries, streams, and springs that lend themselves to all aquatic activities: from sport fishing (trout and salmon are the most sought after specialties), to trekking, the canoeing, rafting, or simply find comfort in one of the many spas springs that there can be found.

One of the most beautiful localities is Maipu. Its proximity to Mendoza does it form part of the urban complex Gran Mendoza. One of the most outstanding activities of Maipu is wine production. In fact, Maipu is the first wine producing region of the country. Its climate is particularly propitious for planting vineyards, factor that knew how to recognize the first European immigrants who settled in the area. Wine production has become the main activity not only the area, but the province. Maipu is a delicious to visit, and internalize the fascinating process of the production of fine wines.

One of the places that no traveler should miss is the Museum of wine, at the Bodega La Rural. There you can meet ancient methods of artisanal wine production, and appreciate appliances and utensils used in the process. Part of the machinery that there is It is located dates from the year 1895, date in which the winery was founded. As to the various wineries were established, wealthy families who owned them made sumptuous mansions, many of which still remain, constituting places of tourist interest. In general, different wineries tour includes tasting of fine wines. For this reason who enjoy gourmet food and fine wines you will find that the holidays in Mendoza might be the ideal choice.