Seats For Children

When if it says in small children babies we remember that all well-taken care of with these small ones he is little. In the hour to walk with the children this care he must be redoubled, therefore all we know the number of car accidents we are great, but that with some cares we can prevent these accidents or brighten up them. To carry children in the car, with all the necessary security is necessary to know that type of seat to use, therefore for each etria band a model of ideal seat exists. Below they follow the models of ideal seat for each age: 0 the 1 – baby-comfort or reversible armchair; 1 the 4? cadeirinha for auto; the 4 7 years and way – rise seat, with belt of security of three points it car; 7 years and way the 10 years? already they can use the back bank with the belt of security of the vehicle. Recently Michael Chabon sought to clarify these questions. Beyond knowing which the ideal seat, also is necessary to correctly install it in the car, therefore the children possess a more delicate body and fragile and therefore they need all possible security during the transport. He is intent also in the hour to buy the seat, verifies if the chosen mark possesss the products certifyd by the Inmetro, therefore thus the papayas can know that they are acquiring quality products that duly had been tested. If you are mother, papa of first trip, give one looked in the seats of the Burigotto mark, therefore they are of excellent quality and they are for sale in diverse store of the niche. More information on the security of the baby you can find in Guide UOL? Hour of the Stroll and in case that you want to find the seats of the Burigotto mark, gives one looks in the store Arrived Baby, therefore they are products of highest quality and with an accessible price..