Carmen Fausto

Al Oi my love, Fausto was nervous and nor waited that the fianc could breathe and was soon crying out of the other side of the line, – Melissa! What it was that had? Where you were? I bound to the night all for you, was until its apartment, almost was to look for in the hospitals, morgue, Melissa listened trying to justify, but without having space and at last it gave to an shout, more than desperation of what for if feeling victim of an injustice, as it tried to demonstrate to see if it brightened up the situation. There Fausto! Calm. It is all good, already you went to bind for, but I finished to arrive Fausto was infuriated and everything that Melissa only said served to increase still more its uncontrols. How it finished to arrive? Where you were so far? why did not take care of my linkings? Melissa thought, however with much difficulty, its head ached without stopping, beyond that it was not accustomed to lie, but did not have another exit, it breathed deep and if using to advantage it uncontrols of of the fianc dissimulated it one I cry it interrupted and it speaking fast, before it lost the courage. Fausto! Please, it stops to cry out with me I passed the night in the house of, I thought fast about a name that it did not know and that he could not bind to prove its history liar, – of the Carmen, we are talking and nor we saw the hour to pass, my cellular one was in the stock market in the room and when vi already were late, then I decided to sleep for there and he did not want to wake up to it today I came to house well early and already it went to bind to it when telephoned you me. It does not have reason for this drama all. It pulls today is the day of our marriage and already we start fighting Melissa you are