Christian Church

Soon later, emperor Constantino commanded that all the Christian bishops appeared to deliberate regarding person of Christ and the Trindade in a meeting that it would preside over in Nicia, in 325 d.C. The great assembly became fullfilled with the presence of 318 bishops catholics, and 22 were only declared Aryan since the beginning. The proper rio did not get license to participate of conciliates for not being bishop. It was represented by Eusbio de Nicomdia and Teogno de Nicia. Alexander directed the legal process against rio and the arianismo, being assisted by its young called assistant Atansio, who would come to succeed it in bispado of Alexandria the few years later.

In this I conciliate was formulated the document called Creed of Nicia, where educations of rio had been condemned. The MANIQUEUS Of Persian origin, had been called by this name, in reason of its founder to have the name of Mani, which was died in 276, for order of the Persian government. The education of the maniqueus gave emphasis to this fact: ‘ ‘ The universe compe of the kingdom of the darknesses and the kingdom of the light, and both fight for the domain of the nature and proper homem’ ‘. The Jesus refused, however they create in one ‘ ‘ Christ Celestial’ ‘. They were severe how much the obedience to the ascetismo, and resigned to the marriage.

Maniquesmo exaltava to such point the asctica life that considered the sexual instinct sin and emphasized the superiority of the civil state of the bachelor. According to its doctrine, the primitive man appeared for emanation of a being that in turn it was a superior emanation of the head of the kingdom of the light. The opposite to the kingdom of the light, had the kingdom of the darknesses, that engnara the primitive man making with that it became a being that mixed light and darknesses. The soul of the man bound it with the kingdom of the light, but to its it took it body to be enslaved of the kingdom of the darknesses. The salvation was a question to free the light of the soul that was enslaved to the substance of the body. This release could be obtained through the exposition to the light, Christ. The elite, that is, the perfect ones, constituam the chaste sacerdotal. Maniquesmo still exerted much influence for good time after the death of Mani. A thinker of the transport of Augustin, in its search for the truth, was disciple of maniquesmo during 12 years. After its conversion, Augustin if pledged in energetically refuting this philosophy in the book ‘ ‘ Against the Maniquestas’ ‘. The maniqueus had been pursued in such a way by heathen emperors, as well as for the Christians. CONCLUSION All the heresies that had appeared and that they appear, had left and leave inside Church. Then the thing always happens of the Church for is and never of it are for the Church. It always has people or groups wanting to interpret the Bible in a way that is adjusted its will.