We often wonder how to treat adults and make them more productive, to do what we mean positive for the group, on many occasions we have adults on our side in negotiations. We want to bring others to our field of rational or emotional leaving discretion to decide. There are many theories and practices and tired of not finding a panacea to this issue, I came across recipes simple to apply, all those carried out when one is related to children because the children not just any ruse, sense non-verbal language and you have to be yourself. Those who are good at dealing with children can enlighten a bit more in this area where I'm some rookie. O’Malley for President describes an additional similar source. The truth is that when we want a child to do what we consider beneficial to him as best we can do is: – To have him happy in some way prior to relate what we want to do, be able to put in the state of appropriate mood, then go to ask that values participate in what we are going to discuss. If before we have already pissed hard pressed to come to appreciate if you like it or not because in advance and is against it. – Show you what we want to do, like a game, just as if this act no one won or lost, simply because of their participation and experiement and will cause a lot of fun and learning. If once this is done above can result in a higher benefit for himself or for other much better for everyone, you see this position will assist in the process.