Children play with toys, but adults are buying them. And adults, unlike children, should know that not all toys delight the child, and some of them may even be harmful to his health. Earlier, during the Soviet deficit, toys bought in store, Toys "getting out of through connections, and if it's a rare trip abroad, the toys stocked up" for growth "- that was enough to adulthood. Nowadays everything has changed. Sometimes it even seems that children stores more than children. Many toys, they are different, and the children are so accustomed to this that did not finish in the childhood parents are stuck in the children's department at times more often and longer than their children.

Today, the offer on the market designed to suit every taste and purse. Their sales leaders are among the toys from around the world, and among low-cost, "nameless" toys. Clear leader of the global brands course designers lego (LEGO). Specialists in one voice say addicted children interactivity. Detail design must be suitable for building mobile robots. Cars must be obtained "kaknastoyaschie, adjusted for a small child's growth. All these characteristics correspond to the constructors under the brand name lego. But the market for services to promote children's products do not stand still.

In our "crazy" fleeting century everything possible is done to simplify and facilitate the task of selecting a product to the buyer. Huge help in this regard is the Internet. Today you need to buy something you can not get up from your favorite cozy sofa. Moreover for the purchase will not have to travel outside the apartment. Any, ordered by you in online store toy, delivered to your home. For example, we go to an online store large range of different games and toys. Proposal for a product, as mentioned earlier, is designed to suit every taste, color and budget. But here has its own leaders. Leaders in attendance pages, for downloading images, the number of inquiries and orders. One such favorite is the product brand lego. In the online store presents all the main line of products under the name lego. Babies under three months of starting the game with a set of constructors lego (LEGO) baby, and then transferred to the building blocks and set on a theme lego duplo. Older children are already attracted to other sets of series Designers lego (LEGO) system. At the age of 14-16 years, children begin to experiment with a set of constructors lego (LEGO) techic. Assortimentkonstruktorov lego (LEGO) is very large and diverse, and above all the details of design are compatible with each other, which is an important feature of the process of constructing a toy, "fabulous" in the world.