Many young parents complain that they lack the communication, as a small child can not go out of their homes. Mommies are often limited by the fact that out with a stroller in the yard, where wound circles, until the baby is asleep. Indeed, with the stroller is rather difficult to go far from home, she barely gets to public transport, it is not be allowed in each store, and the condition of roads and pavements in our cities, such as from home something far different just do not depart. However, active and energetic moms know that there are many devices to move the child, other than a bulky stroller. More info: author. Modern manufacturers have long made sure that parents are not sitting at home! So, what can be used to move the city along with his fumes? Sling. A very popular device for an infant carrier, which has devoted entire web sites on the Internet. Sling is, in fact, just a strip of cloth, which the child is simply "primatyvaetsya" to her mother.

Sling is especially useful for infants who are not able to sit, it provides support for baby's head. In addition, the mother can feed baby without removing it from the sling. Sling is also good because it minimizes the strain on the back of the mother. In the sling can be worn and older children, and the child may be at both the front and behind the mom (or dad). In Currently, there are many varieties of slings, they can easily make yourself, and buy in stores.

Backpack-kangaroos. It is a device used by the Russian mothers for a long time, and is deservedly popular. In "kengurushke" the child is usually in a sitting position, although the available models, which allow the child to wear flat. Backpack-kangaroo is easier to shoot and wear, compared with a sling, but he would load the back of the mother. Every major children's store now offers a choice of many models "kengurushek: soft, with a stiff back or transformers, open or protected from the rain. Bag-cradle. Device for carrying the little ones. Often Bag cradle sold bundled with a stroller and simply inserted into it. However, you can buy a bag separately. Best of all, if the design cradle allows you to wear it on shoulder, as a sports bag. As you can see, the modern children's products industry is doing everything that the parents did not sit at home and not spent on nurses, expelling from home. Feel free to go for a walk, to shop or visit with baby – it's like you and him!