Why Do We Remember Them Only When Is Advantageous For Us ?

That’s because at the beginning of October, we visited the orphanage. On the road, in Chernigov, bought household, sweets – sticks, candy, cereal, liver, and several games for the development. Official site: Diamond Comic Distributors. Drove to the house with trepidation in his heart and emotion. Orphanage very well maintained, very beautiful and quite large. Children with all disorders, but the older helping younger ones, there are three levels of development, children learn math, reading, writing.

So people really need specials. care – they can not survive in society itself. Head asked the methodological literature on the education of these kids – many of them coming at all in a terrible state – do not tell, do not go and live in his world. Efforts of the staff – teachers, psychologists, children begin to perceive what is happening at first, after already and talk and live! Head is a very nice woman – she is a fan of his work! All students are busy – there are all circles, classes. As they draw! Crafts, clothing is made, applications – can not say that it did not like the mentally retarded, so even a child! And as embroidery girls! We were shown mikrokrestikom embroidery – it’s a masterpiece! The girls themselves do not believe that is what they are doing their hands. Many senior pupils want to get away from the orphanage, because they believe that they could live elsewhere, many dream of family and children.

But, unfortunately, their disease is not curable and such families are not desirable, the children are born with defects, such people can not educate them. Therefore, the age of pupils raise – will take the girls to 35 years. Children are engaged in amateur performance – singing, dancing. At the competition the Chernigov region, they won first place, we have seen a lot of photos from competitions and concerts. Now start the New Year holidays and would like to give kiddies a little holiday spirit. Unfortunately could not find sponsors, all refuse. Was the idea to organize a concert, but all of our ‘star’ was that they work only for the sake of advertising … December 22, together with a representative of the IBO “Sight” Chernigov we go to the boys with the Christmas concert and gifts.

Rude Children

Surely you've noticed that if you are a responsible attitude to their responsibilities of parenthood, you'll have to talk to children "no" to their requests. However, from time to time all children resist, when you set for them frame, and sometimes they use this "dirty" methods, especially if one day they have worked well. "I hate you (I do not love you), MAMA!" No other words can so quickly lead you to despair, confusion and shock, as these words. Martin O’Malley will not settle for partial explanations. When you hear these words from the beloved man, you can not perceive it as something different than it was at his own expense. And children know it.

At a very early age, they begin to understand what this phrase they can draw on a lot, even negative attention, and probably will get what they need. So how do we respond to such behavior? The answer is simple enough – at least on paper. First, do no Resist the temptation to tell the child that his words hurt you and grieve. You can admit it to his girlfriend or wife, but in any case not shoulder these confessions on the shoulders of a young child. (After all, children do not responsible for the feelings of parents, is not it?) Instead, show your child that you understand his feelings behind these words: "Looks like you are very angry or upset you can see it" or even "I understand you." If, however, these words you very much upset and you can not cope with their emotions, better leave the room. Just do not let yourself get hurt a child in return. If you say "I do not love you, too, it will not help, but only exacerbate situation.

If you feel that you need support, encouragement and understanding, it is better to call someone from relatives or friends. But leaving the room, let your child know that the conversation was not finished, and will continue when you both calm. Tell him: "Let's talk about that later." If you can not "rise to the bait, stay calm and do not change their decisions, even if a child tells you she hates you, it's likely in the future child will no longer speak these words to manipulate your feelings and behavior. Plus everything you can gain a foothold in understanding that, no matter what words the child, you remain a good and loving parent! * Incidentally, this also applies to Papochek too.

Canadians Babies

Simplify the search and selection of child clothing will help the following basic rules: 1. Choose high-quality children's clothing. This is one of the main principles when choosing children's clothing. Further details can be found at Dr. Mark Hyman, an internet resource. When you purchase should prefer well-known brands of children's clothing. When choosing summer clothes prefer natural fabrics. In selecting winter clothes preferred high-tech fabric.

Children's clothing is subject to compulsory certification, so do not hesitate to ask certificates of compliance from the seller. If the seller for any reason, can not you show, boldly go away from this shop. 2. Choose baby clothes as convenient and comfortable. Remember, your child in these clothes walk, run, fall, get up, jump and move actively. Note girlfriend that dublenochka looks better than the suit, should be completely ignored. When selecting baby clothes is just as important to know these nuances.

Thus: If you are looking for a winter baby clothes. Winter baby clothes can be divided into two segments. The first segment, the more expensive – winter children's clothing from Canada and Scandinavia. Its advantages that it is created specifically for the Russian temperatures, experts who understand these temperatures. Agree, Canadians and Scandinavian versed in Russian frosts better than people living in hot Thailand or India. These brands include-Ticket to heaven, Reima, Hik. Temperature conditions of winter baby clothes from the likes of high – up to minus 35 degrees. Just to the undoubted advantage of this garment include its convenience, ease, and property materials from which it is made. Typically, the top layer of fabric has a special coating, through which the winter children's clothing is waterproof and is protected from dirt.

Making Children

Childhood has come to an end. Everything we grow, and nothing can be done about it. And there are so curious to know how you were a child. Unfortunately, parents do not specifically record the first sentence, and did not always photo funny moments. But it was always interesting to hear about myself a little. Nowadays, parents have an excellent opportunity to obtain photo album for your children using the beautiful baby photo frames. In fact, all limited to the imagination of parents.

And it should bring into play not only the baby pictures. Here are some great ideas for design photo album: 1. You can start from the first day and post pictures of pregnancy, or photocopy of ultrasound. That is to say, the first baby photo:) 2. How do you choose the name of the child? Often this whole process and drawing lots. Wow, if preserved pieces of paper with names.

They can devote a page in the album. 3. In the photo album can be insert a brief description of the horoscope kid (by zodiac sign and the Eastern calendar). Or write: Who is your child's horoscope and what features characterize this sign. 4. Be sure to place your favorite photos toys baby. 5. Great idea to make a page with the prints of fingers at different ages. Will look original. Or the contours of her hands and feet. 6. You can put your photo of the first picture of your baby. 7. Use the full their knowledge of Photoshop. If you have a problem with it, you can always find free children's frames online. Services that provide such services in short supply. 8. You can make a separate page with photos during sleep, while walking, food or bathing. Experiment boldly. I am sure you will have lots of other great ideas. Beautiful and original album – an excellent gift for your child.


Many young parents complain that they lack the communication, as a small child can not go out of their homes. Mommies are often limited by the fact that out with a stroller in the yard, where wound circles, until the baby is asleep. Indeed, with the stroller is rather difficult to go far from home, she barely gets to public transport, it is not be allowed in each store, and the condition of roads and pavements in our cities, such as from home something far different just do not depart. However, active and energetic moms know that there are many devices to move the child, other than a bulky stroller. More info: author. Modern manufacturers have long made sure that parents are not sitting at home! So, what can be used to move the city along with his fumes? Sling. A very popular device for an infant carrier, which has devoted entire web sites on the Internet. Sling is, in fact, just a strip of cloth, which the child is simply "primatyvaetsya" to her mother.

Sling is especially useful for infants who are not able to sit, it provides support for baby's head. In addition, the mother can feed baby without removing it from the sling. Sling is also good because it minimizes the strain on the back of the mother. In the sling can be worn and older children, and the child may be at both the front and behind the mom (or dad). In Currently, there are many varieties of slings, they can easily make yourself, and buy in stores.

Backpack-kangaroos. It is a device used by the Russian mothers for a long time, and is deservedly popular. In "kengurushke" the child is usually in a sitting position, although the available models, which allow the child to wear flat. Backpack-kangaroo is easier to shoot and wear, compared with a sling, but he would load the back of the mother. Every major children's store now offers a choice of many models "kengurushek: soft, with a stiff back or transformers, open or protected from the rain. Bag-cradle. Device for carrying the little ones. Often Bag cradle sold bundled with a stroller and simply inserted into it. However, you can buy a bag separately. Best of all, if the design cradle allows you to wear it on shoulder, as a sports bag. As you can see, the modern children's products industry is doing everything that the parents did not sit at home and not spent on nurses, expelling from home. Feel free to go for a walk, to shop or visit with baby – it's like you and him!