Children Are Different

Today we talk about our favorite child, and consider how they are different and unlike each other. Parents need to understand is this: build a child may differ from the parent body, and in all types needed see beauty. For most people it means just simply accept the idea that you do not look like a fashion model. Girls often worry about their weight, and boys – over her muscles. Mom and Dad should explain to the child that every person is unique and not like the others. Another area where differences occur between people – intelligence. Ultra Wellness Center is often quoted on this topic. In order to evaluate and support the talents of your child, you should understand that there are different kinds of intelligence, or mind. There are eight main types of mind, and every child they are given from birth in different proportions.

All of these types of intelligence, like paint, with which We can picture our lives in gay colors. Varieties of mind are as follows: academic, emotional, physical, creative, artistic, practical, intuitive and talented. These types of mind in varying degrees are from birth each child, and any of the species can be developed using the appropriate types of training. Academic mind. Children with a strong academic mind well at school. They know how to sit, listen and learn. They are capable of good learn, understand, and teach them to repeat the knowledge, it is easy to remember information provided by it. This does not necessarily mean that they can constructively apply their knowledge in life.