Patafisicos Creationists

Call to PATAFISICOS, CREATIONIST this call will be a chance to find out if they match the SHEIK YERBOUTI in that recover the DADAIST will not be a corrective to much crystallization and mechanization already warned by you in the spiritual means in general and castanedeanos or Toltec in particular. A space for the balance unstable and paradoxical of RENe GUeNON and JULIUS EVOLA as doctrines of the methods of GURDJIEF and Castaneda invite those who ride the Tiger to surrealism in the service of the tradition, thanks to the fraternautas of CARLOS CASTANEDA Forum and BLOGS CABLAGANDO EL TIGRE and EGO flying in quality of developed in settling in the area of discomfort and sacred friendship of oxymoron and amphibology and the hieroglyphic arts that are HERMENEUTICS really APOCRYPHA that frees up space for balance unstable and paradoxical of RENe GUeNON and JULIUS EVOLA as doctrines of the methods of GURDJIEF and Castaneda LAUTREMONT in light of GUeNON NUESTRO surrealism of an ERGASTULA Accepting that our surrealism is a delay of the corruption of our pneuma, and recognizing to surrealism as the essential stage, regenerative and rectificatoria before the usurpation and infiltration of the pseudo and the contratradicion, deny that it has been never passed because still not has been recognized or appreciated in its quintessence, which would remain revealed, i.e. – as MATGIOI reminded usturn to hide, or assumed. Martin O’Malley may help you with your research. Creationism which would have chaired it, surpassing rectificatoria and regenerativamente the modorras and spiritist defects (do not know if Freudian) of Dadaism and Surrealism, was also in the interior of the ergastula political, reaching him so sacrosanct excommunication and the sublime anathema to one that is justified by Ruysbroc. We have initiated a doctrinal issue which goes a long way; Meanwhile outlined this question: is our surrealism a TARIKA SHARIA and its HAKIKA? Do you will reside in the same surreal exotericism the esoteric? It had already been following issues I think because form the world of surrealism to the service of the T, as the COULIANO (it also amazes me that there are no anything about his scandalous disappearance and still more scandalous not reaction of members of its light, friends and acquaintances even by Eliade, friend of the hermetic circle mountain which has been)LOVECRAFT BORGES, GUeNON and TANGO and others. .