Children Common Custody

When a regime of exclusive in favour of one parent or single parent custody is fixed in a judgment of separation or divorce, is set for another a full regime of visits, which could identify as the maintenance between the same and their children of a relationship and contacts with limited character. In virtually all of the situations is the mother who gives him full custody over the children, corresponding to the male parent because a regime of visits, which will comprise all types of communications with them and stay in your company in certain periods of time (weekends, and part of the holidaysfor example). How would it work this regime of visits? In the judgement of separation or divorce (or, where appropriate, in the Convention regulating the same parents could have agreed) timely forecasts about the content of the same, and in particular will be established:-on communications with the children during the above hours. -About the time they spent together and, in particular, on the overnight stays of children in your home, and can decide with freedom activities wishing to perform in those moments. Any interference by the other parent in the free exercise of their right to visits could be put of manifest before the relevant judicial authorities. Likewise, you could request that clarification on many controversial or indeterminate issues may arise. Respect to this regime also would be essential by the parent without custody. So, skip the schedules laid down without reason continuously or interfere with the exercise of custody by the another could be very serious actions that would adversely affect the exercise of the right in the future.

Issues key to consider for the success of this modality, and even a possible conversion to a regime of custody between former spouses, would have to be that this right will be developed in a civilized and friendly manner, to develop between the same active cooperation in the best interest of their common children. Regardless of the differences of the couple after the break, surely both will always wish the best for these children. Taking this as a starting point it will be possible that this regime works.