Children Winners

On this occasion I want to share with all who follow me in reading an article that I found by chance on the internet. Seems to me very interesting perspective that has this man with regard to the upbringing of children. I think and I am sure that this is the true model to follow if we want to train people of truth. This is the model that banishes any attempt of anti social doctrines, all eagerness to struggles of class, any attempt to criticize the people who succeed in life and reach to have wealth by its spirit of overcoming. And I also believe that it teaches us that the character is not to be a bossy, or an arrogant with others, the character is not having easy to yell and raise his voice. I hope you enjoy it and like it as it was for me.

Luis Baba Nakao: financial consultant need to prepare our children for the world of the future, not the world of our parents or our. In this current world determinant for success is the character, not just knowledge, as many might believe. Have temple, out of failures properly, make failures a challenge and not a tragedy, that will be what you seek those who selected personal. For self-employed workers, it will be a car requirement. A son will forge character if it perceives clearly the authority of parents. With the presence of authority children and young people in turn will act with authority to resolve their problems; they act by determinations. Without the presence of authority our children will be weak-willed and will act by impulses with the consequent problems of adaptation.Exceeding of authority? Will always be best excess that lack of authority. The limit of authority the following rule puts it: the authority must not humiliate. Basically what is the child or the young person today will be the adult of tomorrow.