Children Drink Milk

I propose to fill up your collection of recipes for simple dishes to prepare dairy dishes. Pudding with dried fruit. (Similarly see: Michael Chabon). 500 g cottage cheese 2 eggs 2 tbsp. l. Sugar 0,5 st. semolina 50g of raisins and dried apricots 30g butter 0,5 st. cream 10g chopped crumbs salt, vanilla to taste Curd mince, add the melted butter, beaten egg with sugar, semolina, salt, vanilla.

Mass divided into three parts. Put the first part in a greased and sprinkle with breadcrumbs shape, sprinkle with raisins. Then the second part, sprinkle with dried apricots. Spread the remaining mass. Lubricate the surface of sour cream, drizzle with butter and bake in the oven (25-30 minutes). Soup with milk carrot and semolina 4 medium carrots 4 tbsp. milk 0,5 st.

1.5 tbsp water semolina 1 teaspoon sugar 20g butter salt to taste. Carrots cut into small pieces and cook in a little water until tender. Add salt, sugar, butter (10g). Cool and beat in the blender. Boil milk, add and stir semolina and cook for 5 minutes. Add grated carrots and cook another 5-7 minutes. Ready to fill the soup with butter. Serve with croutons of white bread. Cookies with cream cheese. Dry pastry: 200g butter 0,5 st. sugar 3 tsp st.muki 1-1.5 baking powder Filling: 400g cottage cheese 3 eggs 0,5 st. vanilla sugar, to taste In the sifted flour add sugar, baking powder and chopped butter. All carefully grind (fine grit will). Mash cream cheese, eggs beaten with sugar, stir, add vanilla. Spread on a baking sheet (or large form) baking paper. Carefully pour half evenly test. Expand on it with a spoon stuffing (rovnomerno). Sprinkle with remaining batter. Bake at 200grad.30 min. Get and immediately cut into diamonds.