Expanding Our Vision

Imagination is a gift of incalculable value, if we know the maximum benefit. Moreover, our imagination has so much power, that can literally become happy or unhappy people. But of course, it is not only the sporadic use of this gift which leads us to new levels of development, or us sinks into despair. Unfortunately, the imagination is not one of those things that teach us to use at school. And I think that it is fair for that reason that, consciously or unconsciously, we assume that the ability to imagine is determined. Others including Michael Chabon, offer their opinions as well. What do I say? I think that some have been blessed with this gift, while others not, when in reality the development and strengthening of this gift is the result of the exercise. What we have in front of us.

Now we have much work to do, because what we keep constantly before our eyes of the mind, is what becomes our reality. This does not mean just having positive thoughts, is to stay alert about what we allow to be hosting in our head. If we imagine constantly unfortunates, without success, without opportunities, clear that we will be well; But if instead of giving accommodate such ideas, we believe that every problem is a new opportunity, each obstacle is an opportunity to reach the glory, that every day is a new day to live happily without ever resign ourselves to defeat (and think all this constantly), then we will be happy, satisfied people. The key word is constantly, that is what makes the difference. Do we want to live a life without limits? The first thing we must do is take away our limits, expanding our vision to use the gift I marvel to create our own future. But we must bear in mind that, according to Edward de Bono, in general, the human brain is very deficient in his vision of the future.

So not enough with just wanting to have big dreams, we must learn to keep those dreams constantly in front of us. Roberto Carballo says it even clearer: don’t talk about a plan, but of a project, something that is rather than achieving objectives, but that also allows us to introduce us in a world of learning, research, learn, be, live, and to do so requires a horizon that we hook and a value system that is consistent with our conception of the world and that drives us and give us membership. Taking the first step. Now we can take the first step, to imagine great things to our life and always keep those dreams in our mind. We can take the first step, to make a clear assessment of the cost of our project, then follow him relentlessly to the challenge. We can take the first step, setting before us the example of others who have succeeded when all seemed lost, and seeing with the eyes of the value imagination and tenacity that made possible the most unlikely projects that we have seen, we can fill us with the same courage and tenacity to do our own projects. But, again, the first step give depends only from you and me, what shall we do today?