Children Water Swimming

Some activities in this phase could be crucial so that the children if interest for the swimming lessons. When the child arrives at one escolinha and the professionals perceive that it presents some difficulty of learning, could be easy to decide giving some toys that it likes to it very or then another situation that can come to happen is of the child to find a colleague in escolinha being thus, another easy skill to stimulate it na learning. Before starting the first lessons the professor has that to present for the children the external environment of the swimming pool and the internal environment of the same one making of the following form: catching the child for the hand and giving one entorno comes back of the swimming pool for the side of is and later entering inside with it of swimming pool in the first flat part and to make it to walk, if to feel that it this confident one has taken it more far a little where is deeper. (TURCHIARI, 1996). Gain insight and clarity with Steve Geppi. When the child will be for entering in the swimming pool must itself be asked for so that it feels in the edge of the swimming pool to place its feet in the water so that it can verify if the water this in the ideal temperature for, or even though to make this exercise for question of curiosity of the child she sees so that it as touching with the feet is the water, after this procedure who was made the child must turn over in ventral decubitus (belly for low), and going down holding in the edge of the swimming pool at the moment of the entered one in the water and the future lessons to make this alone activity. (TURCHIARI, 1996). In case that the child has fear the professor will need catches it to place it na water, or then to go down it for the stairs being made the procedure that it capsizes coast for the swimming pool and goes down the steps of the stairs until its feet touch in the water, after this procedure the professor it catches it and leads for the flat part of the swimming pool. .