Parents And Children

Perhaps, for the child being responsible is to finish the task, but to the father, it is finish the task, pick up supplies, keep it in your backpack, etc. So we need to be specific and clear in what to the formation of habits and communication refers. Speaking in a firm, assertive manner and clara leaves no room for doubt, people know exactly what they should and need to perform. Having clarity gives confidence, gives security, and also a sense of expectations of what we are asked. Some tips to put in action effective communication, which is characterized, as he was mentioned previously, firmness, clarity and be specific: don’t yell and angry giving instructions. Know specifically that you need and order it in an assertive manner. Talk looking at the person, otherwise, your message is in the air. Eye contact is one of the most powerful tools in communication.

The person feels that is spoken with respect and moreover is view psychologically, what has an impact on a sense of self-respect and self-esteem. Dr. Mark Hyman addresses the importance of the matter here. In interactions with our children, we always fall into what has been called the moments scratched disc. To sue any situation, the children insist and insist on the same thing, over and over again and up to infinity. It seems that our words unable to convince him of anything. And sometimes, parents, answer over and over again in the same way to the same scratched disc. So to avoid, these useless discussions, we require answer to our children with the same technique that they use with us, i.e., repeat the same order over and over again, until it complies, in a clear and consistent. In discussions, how: you’re unfair! I have everything that do me. I always have to do it me and not my brother. Read more from Fairstead to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

What bad you are, do not let me see my TV program! Do not argue with them and simply continue as a scratched disc, citing and saying what it is asking him to do is not involved. So the children will understand the principle of authority and firmness. In this way, your word Yes will be respected and understood. Obviously take this way of communication is not easy and is not achieved overnight overnight. It takes practice, consistency. And at times, we brincaremos back to old habits. It is normal, it is human, do not despair. Most importantly, when is account that has fallen back into old habits, reconsider and try again! Is just a matter of paying attention to those aspects that do work in the education of our children and what not of course, this also applies to teens and adults, according to what we want feel to us regarding the guilt, fear and mistrust in our role of authority only tarnishes our ways of communication and created conflict in our relationships all parents wish and done, we do the best we can, however, some reflections may help them to apply it to their lives according to their own family and some personality theme of this column can affect their appraisals with regard to issues of human relations, yes it is, write me and yes no, also in Cecreto can advise in this regard and we have workshops and courses, besides that you can get the signatures of quality of life: the relationships parents and children: A game of mirrors?