Chinese Schools

Greek philosopher Anaximenes (610-547 BC) last exponent of philosophy(group of thinkers who opposed his philosophical theses to the series of the Pythagoreans italics. Disciple of Anaximander, son of Euristrato. The element is chosen by Anaximenes air, difference which particular substances by rarefaction and condensation. By becoming more subtle it becomes a fire, to condense into wind, then cloud, even more condensed water, earth and stone, all other things are produced from these. Note that a thinker proposes how it can transform matter in their various fields phones. Which to some extent, provides the theoretical small that many centuries later would be a principle of reflection that would lead to a few alchemists to the “scientific love “or to a conception of” scientific wisdom. “Sure, let’s not forget that alchemy was born in ancient Egypt.

Then he began to flourish in Alexandria and with the days in China, this art had a mystical ideal and experimental, to find the relationship that I speak to them must take into account what kind of culture was adopted. History shows that when speaking of the alchemists we put them in a social context, ie experimental activity is part of his time. For more information see this site: Ken Cron. And only in those centuries and record company was susceptible to the construction of such events. As also shown us that philosophy was the most positive influence they could have. For Anaximenes it was important to his philosophical system on the foundations of a materialist conception. In their explanations of how it approaches the unconscious ideas that view nature as something mechanical.