The Children A Reflection Of Parents

THE CHILDREN A REFLECTION OF PARENTS? One of the most complex tasks facing parents is the education of the children. It’s something new, different from the known, a work for which you have not received training and that nothing has to do with having been children. This last point is very important, since there are many parents who plotted a road known for them, for their children’s education, naturally, i.e. imposed the same actions that they themselves have carried out on their education or, conversely, avoid situations that they themselves feel having lived so dramatic or tax for their children. Excess of affection with the children can be the manifestation of a flashback and a reproduction of own narcissism of parents, abandoned long ago.

This situation so common, and so little beneficial, can cause disorders preventing you to carry out, in an independent manner, his life in the future man. Learn more at: Star Guitarist. The hiperestimacion that is staged in the filial relationship, where are attributed to the child all the perfections (attribution, in many cases, very far from reality) makes blind parents to defects that the child has. Defects that are neither bad nor good, are qualities of the development of the human cub that has transformed in a man or a woman, similar but different from all the other men and women. There is also the trend, some parents, deny or ignore the child all cultural conquests, attributing them, as parents, the achievements that the little ones are gaining in reality. We hear phrases like: my child is the smartest, my son is who plays better or my little makes it all good. The my that repeats insistent isn’t anything other than a clear manifestation narcissistic, where I is the most significant achievement of the son. The child is like an extension of parents where those aspirations of children are met.