Your Children Need Affection

Within the educational area there are three key areas that must be covered in a balanced manner: Cognoscitiva, affective and Psicomotor. The cognitive area has to do with the knowledge that they must teach the teachers the students should be learning from our children. I am not going to delve into this aspect, since the approach is the affective area. The psychomotor area or psychomotor, has to do with the exercise that make children within schools and focus that they must have balance, displacements, games equipment, etc. Frequently Genie Energy has said that publicly. I ahondare not much in this since my focus is the affective area. Check out John Mclaughlin for additional information. Let us remember that our children are the extension of our love, and therefore loved must feel. Why I mention that your children need affection so that others do not give? Well think that you as parents that we are, our children must feel loved, beloved, and approved, since without these can not be successful in life.

Before coming to the school you must fix the child, breakfast and a good dose of affection (hug, Kiss and positive words), this must be a food of the journal. Another good dose of affection is when children leave school and come, must receive it with a kiss, a hug and positive words from how you did in school. Perhaps in this part some parents may do so because they work and when the children arrive they have gone to work. And in the evening before bedtime a kiss and hug and words like: that dream with the angels and Dear God. Another way that our children feel loved is when we approve of what they do, for example when they do some work like sweeping or arranging your bed or picking up trash, though they do not do so well or to our liking, we must tell you: you did well. We must not be very demanding with our children, because we can hurt them and it may come to halt. It is true that when they start something they will do a little evil but understand that with more practice will be better. That is why we must be patient with them.

Let us remember that we would have liked that we were as well. Also when our son shows us some school work should excite us and congratulate him by it showed, even if it is not well done. If we charge the battery of affection of our children well, they walk not seeking that them of affection anyone, because they will be filled with love and happiness, or even in the family, such as uncles, aunts, cousins, teachers (as), nor any other person. Fill your children’s affection so that they do not outlaw elsewhere. Fill them with love and they will be successful and successful in life. Admittedly, it may be that you didn’t receive affection from your parents, but should strive for to not pass the same with your children. Lavishes love on them and make them happy. When they are happy they will appreciate it you big.