Cocon Freiburg – Hair And Culture – Reopening Of The Hairdresser

(Online article) – cocon Freiburg offers selected organic products Warranty on all services. Art Salon Freiburg, 8.3.2008: Since June last year the Freiburger hairdresser landscape has been enriched by a special range of services: cocon offers its customers in a culturally exciting setting individual attention as well as products that have been selected with the highest ecological standards. “For owner Christine Conzelmann and your collaborator Lisa Schlager was already clear in the conception that art and hair culture are intertwined: just like other forms of art is the art of hair for individual cultural identification”, says Christine Conzelmann. This was taken into account both interior design and assemble the product – and service range. Created when entering the salons, from the famous Freiburg decorator and designer Kai obey, in the women’s field in particular the artistic high wall light installations notice providing a barely noticeable color change game and ideal with the open and upscale ambience of the Space harmony.

“The own claim to professionalism is reflected in the product line of the company mop modern organic products” reflect: whose philosophy stands for intelligent life style, which is characterized by health, well-being, balance and environmental awareness “. The hair color products guarantee perfect results for all applications without the addition of ammonia. The highlight of the show: A Cafe, which harmoniously combines two completely different rooms. The exclusive Mr area was designed in the style of the 1960s. Here, the male customer on one of the original leather seats with discreet jazz music can relax while his hair with the exclusive men American crew product series”is maintained. Centrally located between victory monument and SchwarzwaldCity cocon offers professional treatment and individual support at high feel-good factor. And even in the otherwise rather auto-hostile”downtown can reserve the customer at cocon its parking by phone, his Appointment convenient to be able to perceive.

Exclusive cultural events are planned for the future, which fit to the artistic atmosphere of the Salon. Fine jazz concerts, cabaret and readings is important us, to establish the link to the salon and our philosophy”, says Christine Conzelmann. Speaking of culture: Cocoon official hairdresser is the Freiburg ska band Blue Babies. Curious can find out on the Internet at about the philosophy, the planned actions and the team of cocon, or locally make a picture. cocon selected ecological products as a Hairdresser at the victory monument. Guarantee on our services. Art Salon Friedrich ring 22, 79098 Freiburg Tel. 0761 / 34 36 8,