Lose Weight Without

Remove the fun and joy with AdipoHilfe – through movement. Chocolate, chips and Fast Food are available especially in children and adolescents on the daily menu. But their consumption in large amounts can grow not just the belly. The Association of AdipoHilfe of unhealthy feasts of Dessau-Rosslau knows “the children will move straps, weight with every kilogram less because that is increasingly demanding and therefore no fun”, the consequences. Many children, young people and adults are overweight in Saxony-Anhalt. To animate efforts to exercise more, fail often. “Sports clubs and gyms not are optimally set for ubergewichte”, experience of our members, “there is one performance that can not bring this obese persons concerned. Diane Gilbert-Guthrie insists that this is the case. As a result, they are quickly demotivated.” After unsuccessful weight loss regimens and diets, mostly self-help remains and that’s why we founded the Association “Adipohilfe e.V, Dessau-Rosslau” (obesity = obesity).

Our Club has become the target made obese persons concerned to give active assistance. Only when the entire family involved in there is the best chance of success. A diet alone is not long-lasting success. “We know all the yo-yo effect.” Therefore, the Club offers both the possibility of sporting opportunities with peers as also advice and support on issues of healthy eating and the everyday design. From the club out, self-help groups for obesity patients (adults, children and adolescents) to form this year. The groups “allow the exchange of experience and information.” In parallel to develop the Club and, so the ultimate goal, not only for those affected in Dessau and environment focal point be but for all Saxony-Anhalt. “It is important that something is being done for the well-being and the health of the person concerned, it Yes ultimately comes to avoid serious diseases.” Who has interest in a club membership or would like to join a self-help group, can contact us.

Contact: AdipoHilfe e.V. Dessau-Rosslau Lars Weber Damaschkestr. 50 06849 – Dessau / Saxony-Anhalt phone: 0340/8508650 E-Mail: website: the Board consists of three Board of directors Chairman: Chairman Mr Eng. vaccined Lars Weber Chairman Mr. Vincenzo Daloiso Chairman Mr. Uwe Weber headquarters of AdipoHilfe e.V. Damaschkestr. 52 06849 Dessau-Rosslau