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Remove the fun and joy with AdipoHilfe – through movement. Chocolate, chips and Fast Food are available especially in children and adolescents on the daily menu. But their consumption in large amounts can grow not just the belly. The Association of AdipoHilfe of unhealthy feasts of Dessau-Rosslau knows “the children will move straps, weight with every kilogram less because that is increasingly demanding and therefore no fun”, the consequences. Many children, young people and adults are overweight in Saxony-Anhalt. To animate efforts to exercise more, fail often. “Sports clubs and gyms not are optimally set for ubergewichte”, experience of our members, “there is one performance that can not bring this obese persons concerned. Diane Gilbert-Guthrie insists that this is the case. As a result, they are quickly demotivated.” After unsuccessful weight loss regimens and diets, mostly self-help remains and that’s why we founded the Association “Adipohilfe e.V, Dessau-Rosslau” (obesity = obesity).

Our Club has become the target made obese persons concerned to give active assistance. Only when the entire family involved in there is the best chance of success. A diet alone is not long-lasting success. “We know all the yo-yo effect.” Therefore, the Club offers both the possibility of sporting opportunities with peers as also advice and support on issues of healthy eating and the everyday design. From the club out, self-help groups for obesity patients (adults, children and adolescents) to form this year. The groups “allow the exchange of experience and information.” In parallel to develop the Club and, so the ultimate goal, not only for those affected in Dessau and environment focal point be but for all Saxony-Anhalt. “It is important that something is being done for the well-being and the health of the person concerned, it Yes ultimately comes to avoid serious diseases.” Who has interest in a club membership or would like to join a self-help group, can contact us.

Contact: AdipoHilfe e.V. Dessau-Rosslau Lars Weber Damaschkestr. 50 06849 – Dessau / Saxony-Anhalt phone: 0340/8508650 E-Mail: website: the Board consists of three Board of directors Chairman: Chairman Mr Eng. vaccined Lars Weber Chairman Mr. Vincenzo Daloiso Chairman Mr. Uwe Weber headquarters of AdipoHilfe e.V. Damaschkestr. 52 06849 Dessau-Rosslau


GmbH supports action of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk 1,000 euros supports a healthy and adequate diet is one of the essential foundations for a healthy growth of children and young people better. “We thank better cared for the donation, which is for our project work in this area of great importance”, as Holger Hofmann on the occasion of the handover of the donation. Better care urged its members to help: that donated Berlin start-up 5 euro to the German children’s Fund for each premium membership reactivated in result of the call to Betreut.de. The amount was subsequently by better supervised rounded up. We are delighted to be able to support the action and taking forward this important project. Better looked after and the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk pursuing common goals. We want to emphasise this through our support”, affirms Steffen Zoller at the handover of the donation.

The action supports primary schools, kindergartens, children’s homes and other projects which are in socially deprived areas. In one Familiarity with tutors and peers, children receive free healthy and warm meals. In children from socially weaker strata can be observed that they must get during the day often even no meal and get through the day at school with an empty stomach. Their performance drops dramatically as a result. This action will counter this.

Already in the last two years was better looked after at the world children’s day Festival on the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin represented and carefully made with numerous actions on the situation of children and their rights. With the promotion of selected projects Berlin underlines its commitment to children and families start up. Betreut.de – better GmbH which offers better Betreut supervised a TuV South-approved online service for the reconciliation of family and career. In more than 15 European countries, families have the possibility of finding support in various areas, including child care, elder care and animal care and help for home and Garden. International enterprises and scientific organizations take advantage of the companies service of the better Betreut. In the German-speaking countries alone, hundreds of thousands have thus employees access to the services of better care. The company manages a global AU mediation for families and au pairs around the world about his brand of Aupairnet24. Headquartered in Berlin is part of the American Care.com, the world’s largest online service for assistance. Care.com reached internationally more than 7 million members. More info can be found on: better care GmbH Dirk Kasten PR & communication Roth first breed 19, 10245 Berlin, Germany T: + 49 30 / 29 36 38-928 m: W:

Hand Puppets

Hand puppet to entertain the children and as a pedagogical tool hand puppets are very interesting for children. You are often perceived by children as living beings, can be hatched in a different role. Parents can take this to help the children to entertain and inspire. Children entertained with the puppet who knows it not, the Handpuppenspiel of Kasperle Theatre: Tritratrullala… “it is actually in any nursery, and that for many years. In a piece like this, the children first and foremost feel only once entertained. If you would like to know more then you should visit novelist. Talking dolls, that tells a story in a child-friendly way, are still funny, that’s something like children.

At home children address repeatedly elements, with which they assume other roles. This behavior can be well promoted by the puppet. Parents who play their children not only stories, but encourage the children to participate, are also develop and discover skills of the child. Try It also, be amazed at her little Darling can be as creative! Already the punch and Judy is actually hand puppets as a pedagogical tool to see a story that would bring closer something to the children. What may be the least, especially younger children, at first glance. “The difference between good and evil is highlighted here, so that the children develop a sense for that, in everyday life between that I’m allowed” and I can’t “to choose. So can parents in other areas where something to explains the child to use the hand puppets.

Children anyway like getting told stories of the puppets will react so surely aufnahmefahiger and sensitive care. An always topical issue between parents and children is the proper handling of foreign persons. Here a scenario can be played after with the puppet, which often simpler take children as mere conversation. Example, a hand puppet is the strangers (rogue – and pirate puppet own here good) and a hand-puppet is the child: stranger: come here, I want to show you something! I have as little kitten.” (possibly something else, depending on the preferences of the child) “Child: but my parents would not, that I’m going to strangers!” “Alien: I want to show you just the little cats.” “Child: no, I can not strangers talk to!” “Alien: but the cats are really cute!” “Child: no!” Child turns around and runs away. This puppet show dialog will help certainly more a child than only the words of their parents. More tips on the subject of educational role play with hand puppets, see but natuerlich.de /…

Cheap Wooden Toys

Holzspielzeug.de wooden toys to fall in love! For most people their own childhood with a variety of beautiful memories associated, which would pass to the loved ones to their own children. But often you thereby reaches the limits of the own imagination and it recognizes that emotions do not propagate to the next generation, such as hair and eye colors. But still it is of course not impossible a little bit of that magic in the own child spraying, which it has kept himself in his own memoirs. What it should do is comparatively simple. Because every adult will probably remember a very special toy from his childhood, which even after decades of very special emotions associated with. Often it is the case that has been at the aforementioned favorite toy to a thing, which was made of wood. Wooden toys convinced most children with its peculiar charm and also boasts a wide range different benefits.

So, wooden toys is due to the material very durable. Ultimately, this ensures that the fun of the child in a small inattention is a lively end. In addition, wooden toys is completely harmless objects, which are made from a renewable resource. As a result, also the disposal of wooden toys is no problem. The biggest advantage of wooden toys, however, is the fact that the comparatively simple toy stimulates not only the play instinct of the child, but also promotes his own imagination. Today you need therefore not long after Nice and cheap wooden toys to look. The best proof of this is the website Holzspielzeug.de, where you can visit a wide range of different toys and buy, which were made of wood. Therefore, the homepage is Holzspielzeug.de not only for nostalgic, looking to refresh their memories of childhood. Instead offers an attractive alternative for many people if it Kids are about to give beautiful and affordable wooden toys.

Kitaconveyor Project

“” Competition: already 4 years learning in 8 days read the Alphas “go Germany tour: after the successful start in Hamburg and Recklinghausen, now nationwide 500 kindergartens/kindergartens can participate in the new reading-learning method the Alphas” ensure, among other things by the UNESCO and supported by the Munich educational scientist Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Wassilios Fthenakis. Each institution which is approved to participate in the project, receives free to promote their preschool children the Alphas as test material.

At the end of every child who has learned with the Alphas get a winners certificate. The Alphas, aimed at the 4 – and 7-year old, children can name all letters and read first words and small sentences just 8 days. In addition to the carriers from kindergartens/kindergartens also kindergartens/kindergartens can apply, making up for the Alphas competition within a city. The logo-Verlag eating is all the participants during the action with educational advice. Nationwide participation is limited to 500 bodies; Learn more terms and conditions on. Registration at:.

The legal action is excluded. Children”practicing loud with the Alphas, letters and words, and who are the Alphas”? These are funny creatures in letter form, which translate the abstract alphabetical system into the fantasy world of a child. “The reading learning method one of the educators Claude Huguenin and Olivier Dubois written narrative builds on, where it comes to the rescue of the Alphas” from an alien planet. What’s Special: The Alphas take not only the form of a letter to, but also the shape of an object, beginning with a particular letter sound. “” For example the F is”a hair dryer in the form of F ‘, whose noise with fff’ can be imitated. So kids can intuitively understand that the letters are audible, which symbolize the abstract units of the spoken language, and practice playing the “Lautieren”, a method that is proven and used in all schools. “More than 42,000 teachers already use the Alphas in Europe in addition to UNESCO, the Alphas have”, used by more than 42,000 teachers, educators, and therapists in the French-speaking Europe, already more advocates can win: the Jean Piaget Institute of the University of Geneva guarantees documented for success in learning the method, a study of the free University of Brussels it empirically and Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Wassilios Fthenakis”, Munich scientists of education for early childhood development, recommends reading learning with the Alphas” emphatically. In extensive tests that were made before the pilot kindergartens and households Germany start the Alphas have”already can convince educators and parents. M.