Hand Puppets

Hand puppet to entertain the children and as a pedagogical tool hand puppets are very interesting for children. You are often perceived by children as living beings, can be hatched in a different role. Parents can take this to help the children to entertain and inspire. Children entertained with the puppet who knows it not, the Handpuppenspiel of Kasperle Theatre: Tritratrullala… “it is actually in any nursery, and that for many years. In a piece like this, the children first and foremost feel only once entertained. If you would like to know more then you should visit novelist. Talking dolls, that tells a story in a child-friendly way, are still funny, that’s something like children.

At home children address repeatedly elements, with which they assume other roles. This behavior can be well promoted by the puppet. Parents who play their children not only stories, but encourage the children to participate, are also develop and discover skills of the child. Try It also, be amazed at her little Darling can be as creative! Already the punch and Judy is actually hand puppets as a pedagogical tool to see a story that would bring closer something to the children. What may be the least, especially younger children, at first glance. “The difference between good and evil is highlighted here, so that the children develop a sense for that, in everyday life between that I’m allowed” and I can’t “to choose. So can parents in other areas where something to explains the child to use the hand puppets.

Children anyway like getting told stories of the puppets will react so surely aufnahmefahiger and sensitive care. An always topical issue between parents and children is the proper handling of foreign persons. Here a scenario can be played after with the puppet, which often simpler take children as mere conversation. Example, a hand puppet is the strangers (rogue – and pirate puppet own here good) and a hand-puppet is the child: stranger: come here, I want to show you something! I have as little kitten.” (possibly something else, depending on the preferences of the child) “Child: but my parents would not, that I’m going to strangers!” “Alien: I want to show you just the little cats.” “Child: no, I can not strangers talk to!” “Alien: but the cats are really cute!” “Child: no!” Child turns around and runs away. This puppet show dialog will help certainly more a child than only the words of their parents. More tips on the subject of educational role play with hand puppets, see but natuerlich.de /…