Indiana Jones Jungle

PAIDI invites with its new program of EIKE in the jungle had a furniture from Oak to be the call to rustic and too stuffy. They reminded however on the living room cabinet with Grandma and Grandpa. Martin O’Malley helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. But now, the wooden classic is”once again on the rise and setting new trends. These children and youth furniture manufacturer PAIDI absorbs not only with his new game, high – floor beds program EIKE, but also invites kids with matching textiles in the jungle. Girls are different and guys too.

Between three and five years children discover their gender role and would also emphasise this and clearly differentiate themselves towards the opposite sex. Furniture and textiles for girls are easy, take the colors of white, pink or purple and they are thrilled. Guys are not certain colors set to contrast”white PAIDI CEO Udo Groene, father of even three. With EIKE and the matching jungle textiles PAIDI would like to deliberately boy but of course must also Scientists on expedition to go. “Oak: natural, modern and stable oak is the new trendy wood and we get this in the children’s room”, so PAIDI product designer Bruno Agostino.

We opted for EIKE for a modern, high quality oak wood or Oak veneer with a great texture and a natural shade decided. “Because the look and feel of furniture is one of the most important criteria that contribute to the purchase decision.” But also the safety and durability is it decisive. Solid oak wood is extremely stable, which makes it particularly suitable for game -, high – and bunk beds. We have provided the beds by EIKE with thick cleats, providing approximately 20% more material thickness as those of our previous programs. For one to take account of this beautiful material, but of course also to underline the stability.” In keeping with the beds of solid oak PAIDI offers elegant furniture with solid fronts in oak wood veneer and Cabinet oak Novo replica ranging from Cabinet and chest of drawers variants of shelves to Oak bench and desk. The modernity of EIKE is underlined not only by deep shipping jumps in the fronts, but also thanks to the simple, straight handle in a warm nickel tone that blends harmoniously into the overall”, describes Agostino. Welcome to the jungle which boy would have not his own tree house and consist of exciting adventures? PAIDI helps make this dream true with its new jungle textiles. In the EIKE game bed with slanted canopy the kids can live out their fantasies and dreams. “The fabric canopy jungle” as jungle feeling like the appropriate back cushions conveys with his canopy and its back panel from tree trunks (front jungle, back tree trunk), the role of comfort or the seat cushions are in tree trunk optic. Who does not want to forego Tarzan and Jane, opts for the jungle “-motif curtains.” Thanks to slide, handle ladder, climbing rope and co. is the exciting Game afternoons nothing in the way. But also greater Indiana Jones”must not forego the canopy and the textiles. PAIDI has also a deck with canopy in the program if there not even the Papa want to sleep?