Kitaconveyor Project

“” Competition: already 4 years learning in 8 days read the Alphas “go Germany tour: after the successful start in Hamburg and Recklinghausen, now nationwide 500 kindergartens/kindergartens can participate in the new reading-learning method the Alphas” ensure, among other things by the UNESCO and supported by the Munich educational scientist Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Wassilios Fthenakis. Each institution which is approved to participate in the project, receives free to promote their preschool children the Alphas as test material.

At the end of every child who has learned with the Alphas get a winners certificate. The Alphas, aimed at the 4 – and 7-year old, children can name all letters and read first words and small sentences just 8 days. In addition to the carriers from kindergartens/kindergartens also kindergartens/kindergartens can apply, making up for the Alphas competition within a city. The logo-Verlag eating is all the participants during the action with educational advice. Nationwide participation is limited to 500 bodies; Learn more terms and conditions on. Registration at:.

The legal action is excluded. Children”practicing loud with the Alphas, letters and words, and who are the Alphas”? These are funny creatures in letter form, which translate the abstract alphabetical system into the fantasy world of a child. “The reading learning method one of the educators Claude Huguenin and Olivier Dubois written narrative builds on, where it comes to the rescue of the Alphas” from an alien planet. What’s Special: The Alphas take not only the form of a letter to, but also the shape of an object, beginning with a particular letter sound. “” For example the F is”a hair dryer in the form of F ‘, whose noise with fff’ can be imitated. So kids can intuitively understand that the letters are audible, which symbolize the abstract units of the spoken language, and practice playing the “Lautieren”, a method that is proven and used in all schools. “More than 42,000 teachers already use the Alphas in Europe in addition to UNESCO, the Alphas have”, used by more than 42,000 teachers, educators, and therapists in the French-speaking Europe, already more advocates can win: the Jean Piaget Institute of the University of Geneva guarantees documented for success in learning the method, a study of the free University of Brussels it empirically and Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Wassilios Fthenakis”, Munich scientists of education for early childhood development, recommends reading learning with the Alphas” emphatically. In extensive tests that were made before the pilot kindergartens and households Germany start the Alphas have”already can convince educators and parents. M.