When a couple decides to not be together permanently, divorce is the only way out. This process starts from the beginning of quarrels and insults between both members of the couple. For those still not found how to pass from that emotional slump that is the separation we can see two types of situations: the person feels that she is still in love with, but the situation is no longer bearable. In this case, the process can be more difficult that follows, as there may be feelings even when already has been signed the divorce. The person feels that something there is no why fight.

In this case, all that remains is to communicate it to the other so be aware that there are irreconcilable differences. An important point is to know that divorce is not a magic solution that’s all over. If there are children from through, never cease if parents are divorced or not. US Senator from Vermont contributes greatly to this topic. Some suggestions: 1. support you in your social network. It recovers forgotten friendships and prevents isolates.

It is very common to want to be alone, but We must avoid an excessive loneliness and think about what we say when ask us things about our relationship and imagine what others are intended. 2. Make pleasurable activities. Do things that made you feel good despite the depression or sadness in the past. You’ll see that it is easier to go through this process by doing this. 3. If you’re going to focus on the past, you have to use it to get ahead. Many personasse reproach their mistakes, but it is a behavior that makes no sense and that shore not to commit again them. Think what things would you do that are different and depend on you modify them. With information: centroap.