Avoid Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is definitely a topic that is taking some importance with the increasing number of children who are being affected by this disease. Yes, obesity is considered a disease in these times. The lack of dedication of adults has permeated in the necessary time caring for their children, deriving in a consistent diet of foods rich in sugars and carbohydrates and very caloric. It is possible to prevent childhood obesity is spreading. To meet this objective cards should take on the matter today so as to avoid any disease that may later arise over the years. With these simple tips, you can help your child not to fall into the trap of obesity. Improving the diet this is paramount to the culinary education of the child (a). It is advisable to have a weekly menu pre-set in advance to avoid last minute fall into any fast-food trap.

It is important to cook the meals with the fewest additives possible, avoid packaged seasonings since they contain chemicals. Season food naturally promotes a healthier diet as also the love of homemade food. Obviously at some point it is advisable to introduce some food fast food type or treats to reward so the child (a) by its effort to eat healthy. More physical activity many people are not exercising. At least not the minimum you should do, if not were so obesity would not be a topic of regular conversation. Instilling the love of the sport or physical activity (walking usually through a park for example) is vital to create a habit since childhood to the chiquitos. If children see the example of their parents do physical activity become a family tradition. In addition to burn calories, you’ll be creating ties within the family.

It recommended 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Put timetables to television, video games and the internet is a very important point within the bombing media we suffer daily the done unplug us. If it doesn’t catch the TV, it would be the PlayStation or Xbox and if not he succumbs under those temptations always will be internet available to chat with friends and find additional distractions on your network. Set a fixed time for television and other distractions puts limit the time in which these devices that encourage sedentary lifestyle are used. Everything at the end is about balance. Much modernity can promote a sedentary life and finally take childhood obesity. Sharing in family promotes physical activity as also the union of the same.