Visual Identity

When the work of a company web page design, faces surely already exists a corporate image of it. Corporate image is how a company is perceived to itself, with all its set of values and characteristics that seeks to transmit to the consumer public. Trademarks are an asset of the company, and as such, should be cared for and preserved his reputation. At the time of planning and executing the design of the website of that company or certain brands or products, it is essential to maintain the visual identity, retaining a line connecting with the corporate image, in order to strengthen the branding, i.e. the presence of brand. The visual identity is one of the most important factors for consumers, because they give validity to the product they are consuming. It would be impossible to read the blog of Coca Cola, and actually believe that it is the authoritative voice of the company, if not present the logo on the page.

But with the presence of the logo does not reach to transmit visual identity. Other aspects must be considered to retain the visual identity of the company in a new web site. The Visual elements of a site are the most important component of the visual identity, which is not exhausted with include the logo or the isologo of the brand or the company. It is important to know them to be able to fit as much as possible so that they acquire the look and feel wanted. Menus and buttons. Beyond any consideration on optimization of the web site that recommends us not abuse the plug ins of Flash or Java script effects, is much what can be done to adapt them to the requested identity. The keypads of menus can be classic, with buttons that change appearance when you pass your mouse over them, or to activate them. They can also be expandable, slice type, where a submenu will slide if you activate them, or they can be simply links, with an outstanding typography.

Typography. This point is particularly important when you develop microsites, or sites dedicated to brands of large companies. Respect the typography of the main site is a visual element of great importance, to create in the visitor the feeling of belonging. Combination of colors. Selected color palette affects the visitor in his mood and his predisposition to buy. For example, in a site that encourages the consumption of food or beverages it will tend to choose colours, such as red, while sites in which predominates the technical product information more cold and good contrast colors will be searched to encourage reading. It is also possible to work on the visual identity of the company on social networking pages. Many sites allow a complete customization or modification of the skin, like Twitter, that supports a high degree of customization to be able to change colours and background image, or as Facebook which, via FBML provides the possibility of creating new tabs in the way in which the designer choose. These elements that make the visual identity of the brand or product, and are powerful tools of promotion and online advertising. If you liked this post and want to place it in your site, you can do so smoothly, provided cite as a source to Victor Perez Acosta.