Doors Open Jarama

The last weekend of September has held the event of doors open at Jarama where could enter the circuit prior to the 1993 cars. This event was celebrated on Saturday and cars began to congregate on Friday evening. The event began very early in the morning and at 11 was impossible to access the circuit by the amount of cars that attempted access from the national one. In fact jam was mileage, thanks in part to the performance of the civil guard. The 13 circuit inside already you could not not breathe, only were the bleachers at the turn of the circuit to which had to walk quite free. Among those present had a long level, from the mustang club, alfa romeo, saab, classics and sports, club siroco and the always present the Seat 600 club and minis (I think that they do not lose any concentration of the classics).

All the clubs were also present in the ring as well as parking. In the circuit most iban ride while others went to knife. So throughout the event, the show was guaranteed, in fact hard to the 18.00. There was also a small flea market where could things related to cars such as e.g. thumbnails of the classics or t-shirts.

What was missing (aside from better access to facilities) are made of food, there was only one restaurant, which was crowded with so many people, had enough tail to buy a sad sandwich or a bottle of water. Why people brought their own tappers, many in fact went on track with extra weight in the trunk. In conclusion it is worth the penalty be seen and next year I also hope to be present. No power are in the circuit, which I did many photos that I have posted on my photoblog.