The Professor

Very important also it is to stimulate another task while the pupil waits; activities stimulants with clay, papers or tie to take water. Sanseverino (2005) informs that the necessary hiperativa child of cares differentiated in classroom and this the professor must observe some rules, such as: the child must sit down in the first wallet, next possible of the professor; far from the window and in the front of the colleagues, to take off of the room objects that can distract the pupil and interval between the activities. Not to criticize the child excessively, therefore has tasks that it will not be capable to carry through and only criticizes fragilizara its auto-esteem. To encourage it with phrases as: ' ' if you not to understand, part so that I explain novamente' '. To give to little orthography and problems.

To provide chances for movement in classroom, concomitantly, the professor does not have to accept its behavior without limits. To make tests without time control or I finish to allow it of the same one in another schedule, in case that it is necessary differentiated evaluations must be planned, as for example, to make more use of verbal collections. To the few, the child with TODA/H has to perceive that she cannot annoy the colleagues, speech in missed hour, to arise all hour. The house tasks also deserve special attention alert Rohde (2003, p.206) in accordance with what it suggests Rief (1993) Ones of the difficulties faced for the pupil with TDA/H and its family are the accomplishment of the house duty. When passing a house lesson, the professors must remember that the time that a student with TDA/H … leads to make this task can be of three the four bigger times that its colleagues. It is necessary to make adequacies so that the amount of work does not exceed the limit of the possibility.