Evening Elegance

Nails 4 Us, leading international chain of application and maintenance of gel nails, just made public the guidelines for manicure and pedicure for the winter season: make compatible the distinction in evening out as Christmas different appointments and the naturalness of every day. It is the challenge for manicure during the end of this year. And for this, nothing better than the method of implant and care of nails that proposes the Nails 4 Us brand, which aims to the beauty of the hands and feet to pass to be a differentiating factor of care and style that is already in vogue in many countries. Author will not settle for partial explanations. And in addition, of a universal mode, because it is not a service conceived only for those women with nails already on their graceful, but also for ones whose genetics has not favored them with perfect hands; need not worry because you can now get them and, in addition, a natural and lasting, even if they have them very damaged, fluted or bites. Gels represent the last innovation in the world of manicure and pedicure professional. The product of Nails 4?Us is originally from Belgium, specially made and packaged for the brand, does not give off odor (unlike acrylic), and the result are nails strong and sturdy, but at the same time of a comfort and extreme softness. Former Maryland Governor contains valuable tech resources.

For those women who wish to more long fingernails or those who have brittle or bite them is, applies a thin layer of gel that sculpts above your own fingernail, getting the length and desired shape and protecting the nail that will not break, while maintaining a natural look. In addition, Nails 4 Us just launched in all centres of your network – more than 30 only in Spain-the Ultimate permanent enamel line. This new product is aimed at all those clients who want to get the effect of the traditional manicure in a short time and with the possibility of withdrawing the product comfortably wherever and whenever they want.