Rio De Janeiro

It was by means of these investigations that happened in August of 2005, in Rio De Janeiro the I National Meeting of Education of Biology (I ENEBIO), the same it had the intention of mapear trends in what it says respect to the contents and the methodologies applied for the professors who if had made gift in the meeting. They perceive that one of the subjects treat would be analysis of new methodologies and contents for applicability of the education of sciences biologias in the context of classroom. This article has in its essence the objective to ahead perceive of the society contemporary the main trends of the education of biology for the cultural and social formation of the professors and learning. Beyond the pretensions of the education of biology for the contemporaneidade, they still aim at to establish a relation with the teach-learning of educating for the fruition of the abilities and the abilities pointed for a understanding of biological sciences. In this constant diversity of ideas, the objective of this work is to develop significant methods and clarifying with vision in the bibliographical references that will consist of stages, having established two sections the development of the points historical of the pedagogical trends throughout the times in practical Brazil and an analysis of pedagogical used by professors in the modern times. THEORETICAL RECITAL 2 HISTORICAL ANALYSIS OF the EDUCATION IN BRAZIL As the proposal at this moment is to make an analysis of the history of the trends in Brazil is necessary coming back in them toward three periods that had influenced education in this country, colonial, imperial and republican period, these had spread forts opinions in the field of the politics, the economy and in the partner-cultural one thus becoming, education one palco of quarrels on proposal that guided the educational ideas. In synthesis the colonial period has in its character the objective to implant a school of catequtico matrix, that is, an education directed toward instruction aiming at the interests of the Portuguese. .