Facturaplus Elite 2010 – Business Management Software specifically designed for micro-enterprises

FacturaPlus is a business management program designed specifically for micro-enterprises and professionals. FacturaPlus covers the business management needs of companies such as discounts for prompt payment, bank details of customers, supplier management, stock control and support items with pictures, labels and EAN codes, invoices, receipts, purchases, reports … The 2010 version features a new Sage Desktop that lets you display the most relevant information for the commercial management of your company, with a section with all the information you care, functional innovations, legal notices … Relevant Characteristics: Orders and invoices to customers Invoices to customers Adapted to the Data Protection Act Portfolio Management Fees and customer returns Articles, warehouse stock control Image formats: JPG, BMP, DIB, PCX, TIF, TIFF, PNG, TGA, JFIF, RLE, ICO EAN 13 Barcode Report Series Basic ContaPlus Link Closeouts agents Standalone version Do not forget to get the best content for entrepreneurs directly to your inbox you can subscribe by clicking here (remember to activate your subscription.) Download Links: Click to download a free 2010 Facturaplus Click to download free Facturaplus February 2010 Click to download Facturaplus Manual