Procedures to start a business

What steps need to start a business The processing of the constitution which is performed by a notary public to make this formal, and is made only in case of incorporation. The duration and cost of this process depends directly on the person I contact to carry this process. What I need to give myself up for wealth REQUIREMENTS TO GIVE YOU HIGH IN FINANCE COMPANY The requirements to enroll in the Federal Registry of Taxpayers RFC (register) can be found on the website of the Tax Administration Service, SAT.To do this enter the following page: That of clicking on the tab “tax Beginners.” the left side is a list of topics, select the first: “Types of procedures and requirements.” Will display a new page with links in orange letters, enter the second option “Requirements and Procedures Guide Tax.” By clicking on the “Step 1. Registration and the RFC ” Where have to choose between Moral Person, individuals or employers. Registration for the RFC of the Tax Administration Service (SAT) can be done online. The procedure is free through the portal but you need only your password Population Registration (CURP).To access the following steps: Address: There click on the tab “tax Beginners.” Information on how to make the process, the difference between physical and moral person, a calendar of obligations, among others. After to click on “You’re going to start a business, company, or going to work on your own What is the first thing you do ” And there must follow the instructions for completing the application as desired, individuals or legal entities. A natural person is an individual with capacity to incur obligations and exercise rights. While a moral person is a group of people coming together for such a corporation or a civil partnership. To receive information in person can make an appointment through the same portal: At the top right with fine print before clicking on “dates” There select your state and follow the instructions for filling fields. If you do not have your CURP can be obtained as follows. Enter the portal Tramitanet: On the right you will find a link to “register” Fill out the fields correctly in order to access the service After following the instructions click on the red bounced “back.”