Financial Average

The main paper of the financial manager is to take care of effectively of the money, entrance and exit being preserved the return demanded for the shareholders of the company. In way that is necessary the complete agreement of the administration of box of the entity and the cost which this flow is submitted. The box management closely is associated with the operational cycle of the organization, the cost of capital to the financing of the cycle. As ZDANOWICZ the box flow is the instrument that the financial administrator allows; it plans control, it co-ordinates and to direct and it has controlled the financial resources of the company for one determined period. Being this useful control mainly when the company is growing increasing its activities.

As ZDANOWICZ is of extreme importance that financial manager knows to correctly manage the resources placed in the Pat mass independently rhymes active of the organization of its size, great or sins it transport, micron, small or great company. In this context the financial administration assists the managers in the taking of decisions, thus aiming at a quality management preventing damages and presenting a significant profit for the company. Please visit Martin O’Malley if you seek more information. Today the financial administrator has that to have a much more including vision, it he has that this I take care of the patrimonial situations that are excellent in the organizations. The necessary financial manager to know the market, its main financial characteristics of the participants well, where its company is located, being they; competing suppliers, customers among others; it must know to identify the amount of customers for region, average volume of sales, average stated periods and modes of payment of the sales, amount of suppliers for type of product, average volume of purchases, amounts of competitors, average price for type of product enter others. As inclusion/example was carried through a research with two different companies, to analyze the form of precificao and the paper of the financial administrator of the same ones.