Words And Children

The works that an author writes to taste are the best, as the children begotten in love are the most beautiful. You may want to visit Martin O’Malley to increase your knowledge. Nicolas Chamfort. Dedicated to Isabella. With the permission of his beautiful mother. I can? I was listening to a song by Silvio Rodriguez, which among other things says: my Unicorn yesterday I lost and I take this magical opportunity to pay him a tribute who begins to be a source of literary inspiration in recent days. Thank you, fleeting girl, I found to my Unicorn and magic. Gave you back my fantasy me even when you not proposed it.

I do not know. Only is that these literary sketches are created for you. Here’s a rain of ideas: the murmur of the sea. A missing rock was on the seafront and probably by a geomorphological whim. Hard, terrible; It even turned out to be sharply dangerous for the clueless human being who wanted to climb the slope. It was for rock brutally painful facing the sea horizon and not sharing its presence and its support for seals and Sea Lions the synagogue because his intelligence and animal instinct were told, this rock is pitiful. You wounds with his hardness.

The rock, not accepted to live alone, in the middle of such wonderful sunsets, coral aesthetically very appreciated; Green and blue in various shades of the sea. She didn’t know that he belonged to this wonderful landscape in which lovers idealize their world. In the end. With the passage of the years he was accepting his fate. Suddenly fell realized that was he who isolated its part of being in paradise. He understood e.g. that the sea constantly caressed his face, his soul, his being, so sublime and knowing that the hard rock will do him harm. From that time the rock was transformed and found happiness. And he also gave account that with the light of the Moon looked more beautiful because she herself reflected its rays. And if that were not enough behold in recent days he discovered another wonder: with the slowness that is nothing more than a product of his own harmony, a snail going slowly arriving in the internal jurisdiction of the rock. From that time as rock began to realize that it is accessible if the other intelligently and really know that you can give the best of itself. The snail has become a great friend. Abner Pantoja original author and source of the article.