Former Constitutional Court Judge Hans

The new child protection Act provides for chaos in Germany Hannover 10.05.2013: protest against child abductions, justice and youth official arbitrariness remains unheard – no majority for children and family rights can be found in this municipality. Parents and children peacefully protesting against family courts and youth departments demonstrate in Hanover. The reasons are varied and the dead boy’s father sues ranging from arbitrary child entzuegen, sexual abuse in children’s homes until down to a boy who was – maintained in the nursing home to death what so far attracted public attention nor investigated. Gerhard Jackson Initiativ founder and organizer of the demo requires observance of the laws by the Federal Government and the local authorities, a functioning complaint management in family matters, the review of all Inobhutnahmen of the youth offices on your legality and criticized while still gross violations against the UN Convention on the rights of the child. Fundamental rights were disregarded by youth offices as well family courts and abused. Like in thousands Cases shows the criticism will come true. So goes the citizens initiative on the barricades. Constance Kalmus of Hanover’s spokeswoman criticized the allegations and enhances the theme of provable nationwide excesses of the youth offices and justice as a lump-sum cases! “That, after she already 2009 desperately seeking foster parents for children in care received”, as the Hanoverian General writes. “Usually, municipalities support their citizens”. In Hannover you disagrees however. “The State wants to have in addition to our tax money even our children”, criticizing herself, passersby. “The protesters want to bring”that”in the public with their protests, which seems to find a place somewhere else”. Since the adoption of the new child protection law of the Jan youth offices and family courts intervene even harder than before. The core of the Act shall include the expansion of the early support for families, the procedure is the some youth offices and the family courts since the adoption of the new child protection law to take the rather questionable, if not even scary and devastating for children, parents and grandparents. “The German Government should but not humanitarian and democratic-aligned – which follows the will of the people”? Hence it is said in all judgments more or less “IN the name of the people”. It is questionable what every year more than 200 000 say parents and children to be harmed by wrongful Inobhutnahmen? One of the most important tasks of the State should consist of, to control the sometimes abusive actions of the youth authorities and family courts and to check. For this reason it will be inevitable in the future to introduce control authorities. Drastic withdrawal would find mass Kindesinobhutnahmen not infrequently performed under the guise of the fake child welfare risk, and families could regain their confidence in the German justice system. If you are not convinced, visit Michael Chabon. What has – delivered the tightening up of the law to the well-being of the child is isn’t that what can be hopeful and fearless families look into the future. The ubiquitous system promotes a real child trafficking industry, creating more and more jobs for Verfahrenspflegschaften, youth welfare office employees, legal aid attorneys, employs more and more lawyers, questionable experts and family judges who hide their actions so long as in the article jungle partly because too few citizens are informed here in Germany with the families really happened. Still, it States in article 6 of the Basic Law: “marriage and family are under the special protection of the State order.” And further: “care and upbringing of children is the natural right of parents and primarily obligations incumbent on them.” Former Constitutional Court Judge Hans-Joachim Jentsch said in 2008: “the natural right of parents are no doubt and that first and foremost you incumbent duty to the care and upbringing of their children, which guarantees the basic law.”The current family policy makes this base to niece”, complains Hans-Joachim Monch the Chairman of the Youth League of the district. The State is obliged to respect the family as independent and autonomous community. With the same logic, the enormously rising Inobhutnahmen of children would be questionable and even unconstitutional. However, more and more doubts growing Constitution breaks – he tells on us which greatly damages confidence in the legal system and the German democracy. Better have the large coalition of Union and the SPD, at that time still with family Minister Ursula von der Leyen, wanted to protect children through a new law – against parents who neglect their children or abuse. But: There was no agreement with the SPD, which wanted to anchor the promotion of early support in the law such as several trade associations – by the German Youth Institute, the German Institute for youth and family assistance to the German child welfare association and the child protection centres -. The Bill of the Minister for Family Affairs also provided rules, such as the mandatory home visits by youth offices when the suspicion of a threat to child well-being, which can be helpful, but may in some cases increase the threat to child well-being. Legal regulations in the protection of children can create while structures and frameworks, the action should be oriented developed but always according to professional standards in the current situation on the case and changed. That it but youth and lack of Justice trained and professional skills, show the increasing cases of Kindesinobhutnahmen by repeated arbitrary practices. “Here the State may not be surprised, if the birthrate in Germany falls sharply”. Not only the social framework conditions are to blame, but also the enormous annual Kindesinobhutnahmen often be made credible through Sham child welfare hazards and so thousands of families and their relatives in the moral and financial ruin drive, instead of supporting them as it is in the active protection act of Anchored is children and youth (Federal Child Protection Act BKiSchG). Initiative founder Gerhard Juttner in collaboration with Manfred Troger plans more demonstrations for the next few months in various German cities. “The protests will go so long until we get a Government statement and get our children back” he tells.