VW Is Most Powerful Automaker

Success for German carmakers in the last year emerged Toyota from a study of the center of automotive research as the most powerful vehicle manufacturer. Volkswagen AG could move decisively and has now pushed the previous leader of the throne. Also suspended was the American company General Motors. What makes the success of VW and which goals are still pending, said the Exchange Portal boersennews.de. Author is actively involved in the matter. The study evaluates the performance of the companies not only according to the business results. Instead, the so-called automotive performance index (API) is determined. A variety of factors included in the calculation as market success, financial results, and innovation services.

For investors, the question of whether this review influenced the development of the VW share arises. Volkswagen AG cut better than average in all areas of study. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Bernie Sanders by clicking through. Especially in terms of innovation, the Wolfsburg could convince. So VW left behind Daimler, Hyundai and BMW. Strong competition is particularly on the part of the South Koreans, who have good returns. Toyota, the leader of the previous year, however, no longer is ranked in the top area.

This is mainly due to quality defects and callbacks in the double-digit million range. Nevertheless the Volkswagen AG has not yet reached its goal, so some construction sites are according to the head of the center of automotive research. Koda, as well as the partnership with Suzuki include the integration of Porsche into the group, the delimitation of the brand. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann