Moscow Project

AND that will require people tomorrow. Learn more about this with Bernie Sanders. Therefore, the covenant of the first – first think about their money, then it is about how you will help those who come into your salon for beauty. Genie Energy helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. ii error – build salon business without the project. If for the repair of the apartment you hired an architect, then why build a business you have entrusted confusing people? Build the salon business without the concept and process of the project – is like playing chess with Kasparov blindly. The concept – a strategic plan to create a salon that takes into account all the nuances that will lead to success. After the Russian market salon services are no longer of , where they could stake out his site and sovochkom wash gold.

All sites have long divided, for every five square kilometers of urban area in Moscow, there are dozens of beauty salons, and no one simply because you do not give their customers. There is no concept – there is a syndrome fable 'swan cancer, a pike. " Designer paints a vision of the cabin, the manager pulls his own way, as the staff is always thinking about their own pockets, and the owner of the salon is torn between all stakeholders, wringing his hands again and again pulls out Purse donations for the failure of the project. The role of the designer – to do everything very nice and modern. Probably will be offered the latest trends in architectural fashion (there also has its own fashion).