Finding Love

Since then, her life has changed a lot, no, that's not the coffee and toothpaste and a dazzling snow-white smile, a radiant, so that I felt uncomfortable smile from ear to ear when she talked about the first joint trip to the cinema. Talked until late at night after hearing about the home bleaching, doctor's difficult everyday life of her lover all night I imagined myself the owner of a similar, "American" smile. Perhaps it was not acute necessary, but before release, I decided to repeat her feat by adding its trendy haircut and a new swimsuit. In recent months, Bernie Sanders has been very successful. In the morning I dialed the number of dental clinics and enrolled in a procedure, the benefit prior to departure there were still some time. "To change – so change all over, even if it hurts" – says I'm on the road. But the pain was not. Procedure took not much time and not much hit the already emaciated in the preparations for the purse. And I have mirrors, happy owner of a snow-white smile.

I do not have long admired him, but now I can smile for hours and I got the impression that, in response to me smiling all around. And when I left home and went to rest the world to me turned into a grand sunny smile. I myself smiling all the hotel, leisure neighbors. Sometimes they looked at me as a woman "is not in itself, but it was an impulse of my soul. Back in rainy city, I again went to work and surprised his colleagues not only excellent bronze tan, and snow-white smile. Again called the dentist, now with words of gratitude. And then he appeared. Everything happened very suddenly, I smiled – he replied, and then …

the meeting in a cafe, walking in the cool of the night city, a joint picnic out of town. Gradually, our communication became more open and relaxed. And then he told me: "You know what you me then struck? Its open and kind smile! ". Confused, I replied – "It turns out that love begins with a smile!". Smile often!